Never Say Never

Sometimes in life, we make decisions that will affect us and only us…but not often.  Most of the time, our decisions will affect those around us, in one way or the other.  I have made many decisions in my life that were not the wisest, smartest, best or moral. The ripple effect and fallout from those decisions sometimes never go away for those that are affected the most.  These decisions and consequences, unfortunately,  are perhaps the ones I have  learned the most from.

If you looked at my life, you would definitely say that “That girl is not afraid to fail.”…because I have failed A LOT!  I get an idea (good or bad) and jump in and figure it all out later. (consequences and all)  I am a planner and like to research…but sometimes there is no time to plan when the train is already moving and you still have time to make it on.

This past week was one of those jump on the train kind of moments.  Sitting at the dinner table and we are talking about my Thirty-One business and month end numbers.  My husband casually asks me about this business my friend Chanda is in. ::Back story::She hosted a pop up (party) at my house in November, I believe. (Maybe December…I can’t remember), but anyway…David was quizzing her left and right that night. I was like “leave the poor girl alone…I am not doing that.)  The start up cost is no joke, but he was all up in her business wanting to know how much money she makes. I was mortified. I didn’t pay attention because I.wasn’t.interested.period.  He has never stopped thinking about this, obviously, because here we are back to the same subject at the dinner table.  ::Resume story::  So, I say “What about it?”  He says that WE should try it and see how it works out.  WE should do it TOGETHER.  THIS had me raising my eyebrows because…my engineer husband wants to sell leggings, shirts and dresses with me as his partner??  I promise I didn’t put anything in that dinner we were eating!!  He started asking me questions about Chanda’s business that I had no answer for because I DIDN’T CARE! He tells me to ask her….go ask her. We  keep talking about it and then about 9:30 at night I message her that we were thinking about joining her team. What?! Did I really just say that?  We had to get on a 12 week waiting list to even get things rolling. I figure I have 12 weeks to help him see the error of his ways. (ha!)  Chanda proceeds to tell me “Hey – we are going to a training in Houston on April 6th with the home office people of LuLaRoe…want to come?”   Here goes my “jump in an figure it out later” part of my personality and I say “Sure!”  A few days later she writes and says “Hey – I just signed up for a lunch with the owner…want to come?!”  I said Yes, but then instantly got a little scared.  Turns out I had no reason to be scared.  I go to this meeting….and she darts to the very front and has me sitting on the front row.  I don’t even sit on the front row when I go to church! (What if I have to go to the bathroom?!)  The time comes where they are doing an onboarding lottery where they pick several people in attendance to join that day and skip their place in the queue.

My “lucky” A of Diamonds didn’t get picked…but that was very exciting and got my adrenaline going pretty good.  Then, onto lunch with DeAnne.  She was simply amazing. Her story is really inspiring and anybody could relate to her life situations and setbacks and victories.  She took the time to take pictures, talk to each and every person that wanted to talk to her.

So, we are still a few weeks out from launching our clothing boutique, but we are very excited.  David is more excited than I am, I believe.

So, what about Thirty-One you ask??  I am staying with Thirty-One, until I feel otherwise led to do differently.  This is no different than someone having 2 jobs. I am simply adding this as a second source of income.  From everything I have researched and heard from this meeting…… will quickly be my main source of income and Thirty-One – even with a team of over 30- will become the secondary gig.  I love my Thirty-One team and I can hardly imagine my life without these girls in it.  We have formed friendships and lifelong bonds and that will never change.  I plan to continue working my Thirty-One business…setting goals and reaching them.  I just earned my Leadership Incentive Trip to the Dominican Republic and I am totally going on that sucker. I worked my butt off for the last 6 months to earn it…you better believe I’m going.  As long as my team continues to grow and thrive…I see no reason to leave Thirty-One anytime soon.

To join our LuLaRoe group on Facebook Click Here!  For right now, we will just be educating and showing some fun LuLaRoe fashion until we get going.  We will be working to build our community and then when we get up and running, we will be all ready to go!

Life is so strange sometimes, isn’t it? Never in a million years would I dream that my husband would want to join a company where we purchase clothing at wholesale and turn around and sell them. Never.Ever.Ever.  You know what they say though….never say never!

Thanks in advance for all of your love and support!