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Patience is a virtue

This blogging site is something I have never used before, so it will take a little while for me to get used to.  I am someone who jumps into something and then figures it all out.  This blog is not any different. So, please be patient with me as I “Judyfy” it.  That will probably include a lot of changes in the layout, look and feel of it.  That being said, let’s get this thing started!

The idea behind this blog is to peel back the curtain and give you a glimpse of everyday life of this girl boss & encourage other entrepreneur and direct seller mommas out there.  You will get to know me on a personal level, not just business.

So what’s happening in the Gritty Girl Boss office today?  Today, my office needs to be put back together.  We had new floors laid at the beginning of the week and my office is being put back together today. All of it’s contents are all stacked in the other side of the house in the dining room.  I want to “play” on my new blog and Judyfy it – but, first things first!  Get this office back together so I can function.  My husband, David is off today and it’s the last day of Spring Break – HOLLA!

Have a great day everyone!



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I don’t know who this blog is going to help more…you or me. I guess we shall see.
I plan on sharing personal stories to hopefully help someone out there that might get something out of the things that I have gone through and also sharing my techy, business and direct sales tips.
The reason the blog is called Gritty Girl Boss is because you have to have GRIT in live and in order to be successful in the direct sales business.  My life’s experiences have made me the gritty girl that I am.  I plan on sharing those experiences with you in my own way and letting the Grace of God shine through in every situation.
You don’t want to miss this ride that God has taken me on. Buckle up!