Just like so many childhood memories, Easter was one of my favorites. Some of my favorite memories are having matching outfits with my Mom and sisters.  Many times, these matching outfits were handmade by my Mom.  I don’t know how she did it. Dresses for us, but for HER as well.  I don’t know if this is one of HER favorite memories, but they made my list.  We usually had the same handmade crocheted Easter Basket and it was always full of neat little girly gifts that we loved. (I don’t think she made them – but I always loved those baskets!)  We got to enjoy and egg hunt before church to fill our baskets, that had candy and sometimes money in them.  My mom usually made an adorable bunny cake for Easter lunch.  I thought it was adorable, but she usually covered it with coconut for the “fur effect” and dyed the coconut grass it was sitting in green.  I’m not a fan of coconut…but I am a fan of my Mom and everything she did to make every holiday special.  Dying Easter eggs was always on the agenda.  Not just dying…but when the cute little plastic sleeves with pictures came out, we got those too. I loved those.  Of course, we always went to church on Easter Sunday.  We were taught all about Easter and the reason for our celebration.  Jesus, not only died for our sins, but 3 days later…He conquered sin and death and rose again and is alive!  We serve a risen Savior.

All of these childhood traditions translated to traditions I carried on when I had a family.  I am so thankful for all of that magic she took so much time creating for us.  I never have made a handmade piece of clothing, since Home Economics class in high school. My sewing career ended when I sewed my thumb to the big pink elephant I was making in class. So, I did the next best thing and color coordinated my family for Easter.  We dyed eggs.  We had amazing Easter egg hunts with Easter baskets,that we used for years, all in the attempt to recreate the tradition of those beautiful crocheted Easter baskets that I had as a kid.  I have never made a bunny cake, but teaching my kids about Jesus and how he died for our sins has always been part of the fabric of our lives…not just Easter.  My kids are all big and grown now and I hope they have as many fond memories as I do from when they were little and believed in that silly Easter bunny.


So – what are your Easter traditions? Favorite memories?


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